Real Estate - A Career That's Within Reach

Female real estate agent

There are many factors that affects our decision in becoming a real estate agent. Some of these are good income, the ability to ‘be your own boss’, flexible schedule and many more. But, in becoming a licensed real estate agent, there are better and more significant factors to consider.

Important factors such as relatively low start-up costs, few barriers to entry and, you can be up and running quickly makes a career in Real Estate just within reach. These factors help you easily decide to become a licensed real estate agent especially when compared to other career choices.

Start-Up Costs is Low

There is a relatively low-risk opportunity for you to start a career in Real Estate. If you want to try on something new, start with one of the most affordable career as a licensed real estate agent. Depending on the state where you live, education is affordable between $300 and $1200 and the exam and licensing fees are likewise reasonable.

Entry has Few Barriers

Depending on where you are located, qualifications to become licensed vary. Some state require only that you have a high school diploma or a clean criminal record to earn a license. You are also likely qualified to become a licensed real estate agent regardless of previous work experience.

Up and Running Quickly

Unlike many other professional careers, you can complete your real estate education and take your licensure exam in as fast as one month. There is no multi-year education commitment in becoming a licensed real estate agent.