Bedok: 5 places you should hunt down and explore

Staying in Bedok

Compared to other neighbourhoods, Tiong Bahru for example, Bedok may not be considered a mature estate because it lacks the same cool factor. However, you should not hastily make a decision about Bedok for this estate offer many great things.

In and around Bedok, you can do various cool things, such as
  •  Adventurous treetop obstacle course 
  • Kayaking at Bedok Reservoir 
  •  Trying artisanal desserts in popular cafes 
  • Trying smorgasbord of delicious food at hipster hawker centre 
  • Eating Curry Egg Mayo Croissant at the cafe

Adventurous treetop obstacle course

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Do you love outdoor activities? Are you tired with the repeated and mundane activities such as going to gym? In that case, you’ll surely love Forest Adventure! When you are in Bedok, you must surely visit the forest located at Bedok Reservoir. 
You can try treetop obstacle course, which is Singapore’s one and only treetop obstacle. There are 35 different obstacles, which takes approximately 2 and half hours to complete provided you are agile. Shorter and easier versions of the courses are also available, for example, kids’ course and mini course. Forest Adventure was opened after a massive renovation.

Kayaking at Bedok Reservoir

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The treetops adventure is not the only adventurous activity you can do at Bedok Reservoir, you can alsoenjoy water adventures such as kayaking, wakeboarding and dragon boating. Bedok Reservoir Park is a wonderful destinatiom for water sports. After a good breakfast, you can head towards the People’s Association Water Venture and rent a boat, canoe, or kayak. There is no better way other than enjoying water sports when the sun is bright.
Trying artisanal desserts in popular cafes
You must be coming from Mars if you haven’t heard about Fatcat’s signature dish charcoal waffles and salted egg yolk sauce and gourmet plated desserts. Hidden deep inside Bedok market place, the Ice Cream Bar, specializes on bold cooking techniques and inventing distinct flavours. 
Try the Deconstructed Papaya Salad, if you ever get a chance. This dish comes with two French sweets called bon bons with liquid filled inside and dusted with curry powder outside. Deconstructed Papaya Salad will surely be very appetizing. 

Trying smorgasbord of delicious food at hipster hawker centre

There is no doubt that Bedok Marketplace is the hawker centre to beat. Footloose in the hipster hawker centre and remember the era that is long gone. Visit the traditional shophouses and food stalls, and try mouth watering foods. Here are some places that you should not miss:  
  •  The Burning Oak: Here get to eat splendid yakitori grilled over a traditional charcoal oven. They are so popular that they have taken over two units and expended their business. 
  • Uncle Chicken Rice: The chicken rice that you get to eat will remind you Sin Kee Chicken Rice from Margaret Drive. The name of the place has changed, but the taste is same. Their prices are low. You can eat a plate of chicken rice for just $2.50. 
  • Ballistic Meatballs: Try meatballs from ballistic Meatballs, and you will never eat IKEA meatballs again. The most popular meatball dish is Crispy Crab Meatballs, which is served with chilli crab sauce.

Eating Curry Egg Mayo Croissant at the cafe

Do you think curry and croissants will match? Yes it could. A specialty coffee shop named Percolate hase discovered a new dish Curry Egg Mayo Croissant. The dish represents various flavors, which is irresistible. It is available as buttery, flaky croissant and the spiced egg mayo. If you are having this dish, you can ask for Coconut Latte.

Do you want to stay around Bedok?
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Even though Bedok is not a desirable estate compared to some other estates, however, it is a virgin place that beckons for exploration. If you want to stay at Bedok, check out the average resale flat prices in the last three years.